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Cheryl at New Mexico Ranch

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PSR Branding - 7/26/11

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Diamond Tail Ranch

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Dogs - Man's Best Friend

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New Mexico

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Kim & Abby

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My husband & I were living & working on a large ranch in Northeastern New Mexico until the ranch droughted out. My goal was to preserve the "Working Cowboy" through photography. After years of shooting them & finding myself overloaded with thousands of wonderful pictures of ranch life & after several requests to see or be able to acquire photos I've shot, I'm attempting to make that possible through this website. I haven't been able to come up with a better way to make it possible to show so many shots to so many people, so here goes...

The drought brought us over 1200 miles South to Southern Alabama to manage a cow/calf operation here. It's been quite an interesting adjustment and learning experience. Much of the timber here is being cleared to be planted so that we can increase the herd numbers. Compared to 100 acres per cow/calf unit in NM, here it's I think an acre and half per unit!

I hope you enjoy my pictures & find some that make you smile or feel a sense of pride to be a part of this life we love. Thank you for letting me shoot you & your kids. Please don't feel a need to purchase. That option is only to make it possible for you to acquire copies if you want any.

Also, if there are any pictures you would like removed from this site, don't hesitate to email me at: cattlekate101@yahoo.com

*Note: The writing (watermark) on the picture will not be on your final copy.

Thanks again & hope you enjoy my efforts. Denise

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